We understand how stressful it is to decide to have your child seen by a doctor outside your home during these unprecedented times. Listed below are the steps we are taking to protect your families and ours.

Sanitized every night and throughout the day

We are taking extra precaution by sanitizing our office every night, after completion of well visits, and in between each sick visit.

Well visits in the morning

We only accept well visits in the morning. This way you know you and your healthy child are coming into a clean, sanitized office. It is very important that children coming in for a Well Child Visit are truly well. No fever, cough, runny nose, congestion, vomiting or diarrhea. If your child is sick please call to cancel the appointment ahead of time. You can also call the office if you need medical advice.

Sick Visits in the afternoon

As mentioned above, sick visits are only being taken in the afternoon, and only after well-visits are complete. Offices, exam rooms, and surfaces are thoroughly sanitized. There will be no waiting for sick visits.

One patient at a time

We are taking one patient at a time to ensure no contact between patients.

No waiting

When you arrive you’ll be taken right to an exam room.

Don’t arrive too early or late

Please don’t be too early or late – if you are, call before coming into the office to ensure no other patients are there.

1 adult with 1 child

We are permitting only one adult to accompany one patient.

Temperature is taken before entering our office

Every person’s temperature will be taken before entering into our office. This includes patients, parents, and staff.

Tele-medicine is available

We also offer tele-medicine as an option in some instances, call the office 716.646.5188.

We are doing this to allow for the continuous delivery of preventive care, administer immunizations in a timely manner and minimize possible exposure to COVID-19 Coronavirus infection. We also request that only one healthy adult accompany the child to the appointment and one child per visit.

We realize these restrictions in scheduling may be difficult for some families, however we must do everything we can to limit exposure to illness and protect all our Village Pediatrics patients and staff.

Please understand this is a very fluid situation and subject to change. We will continue to communicate through our Facebook page.