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Cute Valentine Ideas for Kids

Will you be our Valentine?

We want to be yours! Here’s a collection of cute crafts and activities to help your kids send hugs to friends, grandparents and maybe even you! 

Thumbunny loves you craft

Thumbprint Valentine 

Seriously easy! Thumbody loves you! 

Make your mark here >


Footprint Heart Craft

If there are cute baby feet in your house, here’s a Valentine craft sure to bring
an “Awwww” from Baby’s fans.

You’re just a step away from the directions>



Heart color hunt

Learning Colors Hunt with Hearts

Here’s a great way to reinforce colors with a little someone you “heart”:

Simple instructions here >



Alphabet heart game


Giant Alphabet Heart Matching Game

Have your little ones mastered the color game? How ‘bout moving on to the alphabet game?
To make it more challenging for preschoolers, mix up lower and upper-case letters.

Get started here >



Salt painting snowflakes

Salt painting snowflakes (or hearts!) 

Salt painting is a fun and easy activity to do with your kids.
The snowflakes are so pretty; filigree hearts would look great too!

Let’s get started here > 



Kirigami Heart Corner Bookmarks


Kirigami Heart Corner Bookmarks 

Here’s a simple craft you’ll want to “bookmark” for sure!

Find lots of bookmark ideas here >